For reasons unknown, when Toyota designed the "Hi-Trac" Independent
Front Suspension for the Toyota pick-up and 4Runner, they only included
one front lower A-arm brace.   A rear lower A-arm brace would be a great
improvement in the strength and reliability of the Toyota IFS system.
Scott from Rockstomper, has that very product and here's how it works.
The IFS system is comprised of a lower A-arm and an upper A-arm.  The torsion bar
spring is mounted to the upper A-arm.  As far as IFS systems go, Toyota's is an
otherwise good design.

The lower A-arm mounts hang down from the frame.  The amount of force exerted on
these mounts is tremendious.  The entire wieght of the front of the truck rest on the
upper and lower A-arms and their mounts.  Toyota included a front brace, that bolts in
between front lower A-arm mounts.  This brace not only partly supports the front
differential, it also prevents the lower A-arm mounts from spreading under extreme
load.  However, there is no factory brace tieing the rear lower A-arm mounts
together.  Such a brace would strenghen the IFS system even further.  

A replacement front brace and new rear brace are including in all 4 inch lift IFS kits,
but for the owner's of IFS Toyotas that are not equipped with lift kits, there are now
several options.  Downey Off-Road makes a rear frame brace that has been on the
market for some time.

Now, Rockstomper makes one.   I ordered it a while back and installed it.  The price
of $40 seemed very reasonable considering these are one off custom made pieces.  I
found the build quaility to be excellent.   It was shipped unpainted, but a few coats of
black paint will prevent any possible rust problems.  Installation was not particularly
difficult, but did take some time.   I used C-clamps to hold the brace in place while I
marked where to drill new holes.   I found that drilling was a bit difficult as there is
very little room to drill clean holes.   Care must be taken when drilling.
Scott's Rockstomper IFS brace
installed.   A simple design worth
every penny for those that want
to strengthen their IFS system.
Click on image for larger version
The brace fit perfectly.   So far I have had no clearance problems at all.   I enjoy the
feeling that the IFS is at least a little stronger than before.  The brace also makes a
great mounting point for an under the diff skid plate.  Something I have yet to build,
but plan to in the future.   I was happy enough with this product that I would
recommend it to anyone that is not running a full IFS lift kit.
Simple, well designed
and fully fuctional.
Firestone, Colorado

(303) 833-1431