Information for when pages on this site are not displaying properly.
If you find that the pages on this site are not displaying properly, several quick adjustments can be made to correct this.

The most common problem is that some pictures and text boxes are shifted to one side, while others are indexed to the
left hand side of the page.

This site is hosted by Yahoo! Webhosting professional and was created and is maintained using a Yahoo! proprietary
program called sitebuilder.   As a result of using this program, the webpages require Java to display properly.  If Java is
not downloaded to your computer, or has not been updated in a long while, it can be easily downloaded for free via the
Java homepage.  If using Internet Explorer, Active Scripting also has to be enabled.

Java is commonly used by many programs and websites and is a critical program to have on most computers.

If Java is downloaded, but the pages are still not working properly, it might be your internet browser and its settings.


I've found that my site may not display correctly if using
I haven't figure out why, but Netscape is not commonly used these days and I would recommend using Internet Explorer or Mozilla instead.

The site does appear to work OK with Mozilla, with the proper browser settings.
The default settings seem to display the site fine.  I haven't tried to increase any settings, including security settings to see how
it might affect how the site displays.  If there is an "active script" or "java" setting, make sure it is turned on or enabled.

The site will also work with Apple's proprietary browser with the proper settings.
I haven't tried to mess with this browser or settings, but appears to work on at least the latest browser with at least default settings.

The site will function normally with the most commonly browser, Internet Explorer, with the proper settings.

If you have Internet Explorer and Java is installed, but the site is still not working properly, the most likely cause is your security settings.    
Active Scripting needs to be allowed for the site to appear properly.   If  your internet browser security settings are set to
default - HIGH, then
active scripting is disabled and the site will not display properly.  Many items will be shifted to one side.

This is how to fix the problem if you have Internet Explorer:

Open Internet Explorer, from the Tools menu at the top of the page, click on Internet Options at the bottom of the drop
down menu.  

Click on the
security tab at the top of the Internet Options box.   

Now you have two choices.  

Option One is to click on the
default level box.  If it says, HIGH for security level, move the slider down until it says
Medium.  Then click OK.   

Option Two is to click the
Custom Level button.   Scroll down to near the bottom where you will see Scripting and then
Active Scripting below that.  Click on the enable button, next to active scripting.

Then click OK or Apply on that and any remaining open windows.   That should solve most display problems.

The site will apparently not display properly on Pocket Internet Explorer.  I'm not sure why, but it's probably due to the
less features of Pocket Explorer and possibly the lack of active scripting.
If you have any other issues displaying any of the pages on this site and these tips do not fix the problem, you
email me anytime.

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