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T100 Magazine Article
Landcruiser FJ40 Ad
1985 Toyota 4X4 Ad
This ad  says,  "Tyrannical but you just have to
respect it!"   You will notice that the stone lion
in the foreground has one paw up in a salute.
This ad also did not set well with the Chinese
government and it was no doubt pulled
quickly.  Sent in by Alan Sweetman.
This add shows a  Toyota Land Cruiser  with
the caption  "In the deserted 80,000 sq. km
tracts of Kekexili, you face two enemies:  the
limits of your own endurance and bandits on
the run.  Without the Land Cruiser who can
image what would happen"  .  What caused
unhappiness was the picture of the
Land Cruiser pulling a Chinese-made truck.
This ad was pulled and is no longer show in
China.  Sent in my Alan Sweetman.
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1987 Toyota 4X4 Magazine Article
1982 Toyota 4X4 Ad
1969 Toyota Landcruiser Ad
A humerous postcard/ad for Toyota Land
Cruisers from Canada, dated 1973