I have two full feature movies of the Southern Pacific 4449 in action

The most recent is a long full feature movie of the 2005 Holiday Express
Portland, Oregon - December, 2005 - 167Mb  Approx. 47 minutes long

The second features the 4449 at the Brooklyn Roundhouse and it's departure for an event in 2005
Portland, OR - June, 2005 - 50Mb  Approx. 13.5 minutes long

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Last Update:  June 13, 2005
The Southern Pacific 4449 is a GS-4 4-8-4, built by Lima in 1941.   Southern Pacific began ordering the brand new GS series streamlined
locomotives in 1937 for its elite high speed Daylight Express passenger service in California between Los Angeles to San Francisco and from
Oakland to Portland, Oregon.  Speeds were commonly as high as 80 mph, with some said to have reach much higher on occasion.  4449 was not
the last to be built, but it was the last to survive.   The GS lineup ceased production during World War Two, with several more built during
the war.   The GS series has the rare steam engine distinction of having a fully enclosed cab.

For almost 17 years, Southern Pacific used the 4449 and its sister Daylight locomotives for these runs before retiring them in favor of the
new diesels, which were also painted in the Daylight color scheme for a few years.   The 4449 survived the scrapper’s torch by being donated
by the Southern Pacific to the City of Portland.   For reasons that aren’t clear, the 4449’s Daylight paint scheme was removed and it was
painted all black sometime before being placed in the city’s Oaks Park where it remained on outdoor public display for 16 years.   This may
have been an indication of its final years as a freight back up locomotive before being fully retired in 1958.

The Bi-Centennial American Freedom Train Association looked across the country for a steam engine that would be fitting enough to pull the
new American Freedom Train in 1976.   In 1974 the SP4449 was selected. Partly for its large size, its steamlined beauty and partly because
unlike so many display locomotives, great care was taken to keep it maintained and lubricated while it was on display in the park and therefore
it was in fairly good condition.  It was pulled from the park and underwent a restoration at the BN Hoyt yard in Portland.  It was completed
in time for the tour, where it pulled the Freedom Train all over America between 1975-1976.  It was painted a striking red, white and blue.   
When the tour was completed, it was placed in storage, but occasionally brought out in the late 1970s and 1980s for excursions and displays.  

Around 1980, the Southern Pacific 4449 was repainted in her original Daylight Express colors, which she hadn’t seen in almost 25 years.   
Still occasionally brought out throughout the 1980s and 1990s, at some point in the late 1990s, she was painted again, this time in all black,
for the BNSF Employee Appreciation Special.   She retained that paint until shortly after 9-11.   In 2002, to show their patriotism, the
keepers of the 4449 repainted her back to the striking Freedom Train red, white and blue and she ran a number of excursions.  Then in 2004,
she received her latest coat of paint.  Brand new original Red White and Orange Southern Pacific Daylight colors.   Just in time for her long
Montana Excursion trip, in October, 2004.

Today, the 4449 is still owned by the City of Portland as it has been since 1958, but is maintained by non-profit groups called the “Friends of
the 4449” and the “Oregon Rail Heritage Foundation”.

The 4449 has the distinction of being the 2nd largest operational steam locomotive in North American.  The Union Pacific Challenger is the
largest, but is also rarely steamed up.   The 4449 is the only surviving operational “streamlined” locomotive in North America and the last
surviving Southern Pacific Daylight.   The City of Portland has the distinct honor of owning both the 2nd and 3rd (the SP&S 700) largest
locomotives.  Both of which, sit side by side in the historical Union Pacific Brooklyn Roundhouse when not out on special excursions.

The well cared for 4449 doesn’t come out everyday, making each excursion a major event.   Today, a future home for the 4449 and its sister,
the SP&S 700. are being sought as Union Pacific and Tri-Met consider demolishing the historic Brooklyn Roundhouse for expansion purposes,
but there’s no reason to believe the 4449 won’t be around for many future generations to see and enjoy.  
Page on the Holiday Express 2005

The Holiday Express was such a big and successful event
that I've dedicated an entire page to it, including photos and
video so please click on the above link to see more.
On June 11, 2005, the SP 4449 was brought out once again for a short excursion to Sherwood, Oregon.  There she would be put on display
along with about 600 hotrods for a local car show.    Here between 5:30am - 6:30am we see the 4449 set out on the round table, hook up to
her consist and prepare to depart the Brooklyn yard for Sherwood.   Photos:  Brian McCamish - June, 2005
At about 6:30 in the morning, the SP 4449 finally departs Brooklyn.  Note the 644 diesel trailing the consist.  The 644 will lead the train on
the return trip since there are no turning facilities between the Brooklyn yard and Sherwood.   Photos:  Brian McCamish - June, 2005
The SP 4449 travels across the historic Willamette River bridge near Lake Oswego on its way to Sherwood.   
Photos:  Brian McCamish - June, 2005
On the early morning of May 14, 2005 I was at the Brooklyn Roundhouse to view the departure of the SP&S 700 for Salem.   Here I was able
catch a glimps of the 4449 for the first time in her new paint.  Note the "Mars" headlight is missing.  Repair work had to be done, but it was
finished and reinstalled for the June Sherwood trip.  Photos:  Brian McCamish - May, 2005
In May 2004, I stopped by the Brooklyn Roundhouse for the first time and was allowed to take a few shots by the very friendly staff.   Here
we see the SP 4449 is undergoing prep work for its future repaint back to the Daylight Colors.  Part of the steam line fender work has been
removed and the paint sanded down on one side, while the other side hasn't been started yet.   By October the brand new Daylight paint that
is currently wears today would be finished. Photos:  Brian McCamish - June, 2005
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Excursion to Sherwood, Oregon - June 11, 2005
Visiting the Brooklyn Roundhouse - May 11, 2004
SPS 700 Excursion to Salem, Oregon - May 14, 2005
Holiday Express - Portland, Oregon - December 10-18, 2005