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Last Update:  September 15, 2006
The 2006 Salem (Oregon) Safety Faire

On the weekend of September 2, 2006, the City of Salem with support of the Portland & Western Railroad, invited the SP&S
700 and her crew to the 2006 Salem Safety Faire, where the 700 would be the star attraction.    This would be the 2nd year
that the 700 was invited due to the success of the 2005 event.  Pictures and video from last year's 2005 Salem event can be
found on our
main SP&S 700 page as well as the PRPA's official SP&S 700 website.

Unlike the year prior, the 700 would make the trip to Salem in two legs.  The first would take her from the Brooklyn Roundhouse
in Portland, Oregon to Tigard, where she was tied up for the night.   Then, bright and early, the next morning, the 700 would
depart Tigard for the long journey to Salem, arriving at 10am to a large crowd of spectators awaiting her arrival.

Throughout the day, the crew of the 700 opened up the cab of the 700 and the Great Northern Caboose X40 for visitors to get
a first hand and up close look at this magnificence piece of Northwest history.   The large crowd of eager visitors to see the 700
sometimes made for a long wait and line to tour the cab, but it was no doubt worth the wait.  The Salem Fire Department was on
hand and just like last year, gladly filled up the 700's tender via a local hydrant.  The event was once again a success and
everyone hopes the 700 will be able to make the journey again next year.

Check out the SP&S 700's Official photo page of the 2006 Salem Safety Faire Event.
and the
Flyer for the 2006 Salem event.   
Links to the official SP&S 700 website

Stayed Tune for a full feature movie on this event, including the view from the caboose between Brooklyn and Tigard
and chasing the 700 to Salem, as well as a very rare locomotive nose cam view of both legs of the trip to Salem.
September 1,  2006
These photos were taken during the early afternoon of September 1st as the crew prepared the 700 for it's journey to Tigard that night and then to Salem the following
The Great Northern X40 caboose was used behind the 700 both last year and this year on the Salem trip.  It was graciously loaned by owner Bruce Carswell for the trip.
After rotating on the turn table, the 700 was backed toward its consist, which would be the X40 caboose and the Mt. Hood passenger car.  The "Mt. Hood" would be left at
Tigard for the P&W to use for a special function, while the X40 would follow the 700 all the way to Salem and back.
After hooking up to the Plum Creek and X40 the 700 departed north out of the Brooklyn Yard, aligned with the mainline and then headed south towards Lake Oswego and
then eventually the Portland & Western's "Oregon Electric" in Tigard.
The trip in the caboose, behind the 700, between Brooklyn Yard and Tigard was very scenic.  While most of my time was shooting video here are a few photos.
Upon arrival in Tigard, well past dusk, the crew tied down the 700 for the night.  In a few short hours at 6am, the next day, the crew would go back on duty and await the
all clear signal to proceed to Salem.
September 2,  2006
At 6am on Saturday, September 2nd, the crew was on duty and ready to head to Salem, but had to wait a while for a Portland & Western freight to clear the mainline.
The man in the white shirt is Portland & Western's Ken Nichols.  He was the representative for the P&W to guide the 700 down the P&W track to Salem.   Ken is the famous
engineer for the
Lewis & Clark Explorer when it operated between 2003 and 2005.    Once the P&W freight passes through, the 700 can enter the mainline.
The 700 departs and enters the mainline while clearing the cylinders of water vapor.
The 700 rounding the corner on the Oregon Electric north of Tualatin.
More views of chasing the 700 to Salem. Most of time was concentrated on shooting video, so I was only able to get a few still photos.  They include from left to right,
passing through Donald, somewhere north of Keizer and two shots of street running in Salem.
The 700 arrived in Salem at 10am on schedule to a huge crowd of fans awaiting her.    Once set up, hundreds of people were allowed to step up into the cab and see
the 700 up and close.
These photos hint at the crowd that wanted the chance to see the 700.  These views are the long line of people waiting to board the X40 caboose and the 700 cab for a
tour.   No rides  were given, but the 700 remained under steam and was very impressive for all.
The 700's tender was refilled using a fire hose and a local hydrant courtesy of the Salem Fire Department.
The PRPA group brought down the Operation Lifesaver and concessions trailer and volunteers had a chance to educate hundreds of people on
railroad safety and in particular, railroad crossing safety.
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