The SP&S 700 is operated and maintained by the Pacific Railroad Preservation Association.   
Please visit their
Official SP&S 700 website for the most up to date and accurate information.
Last Update:  December 27, 2006
On May 14, 2005, the Pacific Railroad Preservation Association, the group that operates the SP&S 700, steamed up the locomotive for it's
first major run in 6 months.    It left the Brooklyn Roundhouse at approximately 7am and headed towards Salem, via the Portland &
Western "Oregon Electric" branch.   At approximately 11:30am, it arrived and was put on display for most of the day.  It then made the
return trip home the following day.  The photos and video shown here are of us following the 700 on it's trip from Portland to Salem.

Video of the SP&S 700 in action steaming from Portland to Salem
69 meg, 29 minutes long
The SP&S 700 at the Brooklyn Roundhouse in Portland, Oregon getting ready for departure between 6am and 7am.  May, 2005
The SP&S 700 on it's way to Salem, Oregon on the old Oregon Electric line.  May, 2005
The SP&S 700 on display on Front Street in Salem, Oregon.  May, 2005
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