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Last Update:  December 27, 2006
On December 19, 2004, the BNSF Railroad hosted a private Christmas party for it's employees at it's Vancouver Subdivision station.  
They sponsered the SP&S 700  to come to Vancouver to be put on display for it's employees and their family.  The BNSF was kind enough to
allow the general public to attend viewing the locomotive as well.   I missed it's departure from Portland, but was able to catch it in
Vancouver and watched it leave later that day, heading back for Portland.

Video of the SP&S 700 in action in Vancouver.
69 meg, 29 minutes long
On my way to the Vancouver Terminal to see the visiting SP&S 700, I spotted 7th Street Station in Vancouver.  It's a restaurant that is
several blocks over from the Vancouver Terminal and has several interesting railroad cars and a caboose on static display.   December,
2004   (Note, this building was torn down in 2006 with most of the equipment being preserved and sold off)
Just north of the 7th Street Station, I spotted this BNSF train on a siding, waiting for clearance to enter the yard.  It's sitting on the
North Bank track facing the Vancouver Yard.   The point engine #5075, is a GE C44-9W (Dash 9).   December, 2004
The 700 was parked on the President Track of the Vancouver Terminal.   Normally this is area generally restricted to public access, but
the public was allowed to stop by and view the 700.   Several Officers of BNSF's finest were on hand to protect BNSF property and the
safety of the public.  When I arrived the 700 was still under steam and within an hour would begin it's short journey back across the river
to Portland.  December, 2004
These pictures show the dramatic starting up of the 700 as it begins it's trip down the Presidential track and onto the Vancouver wye, so
it can turn around and head back towards Portland.  December, 2004
These pictures show number 700 backing down the east leg of the Vancouver wye.   This would put it on the North Bank Track and then
position it for heading forward back to Portland.   December, 2004
These and the below photos were taken from the Vancouver Amtrak terminal, just north of the Columbia River bridge.    Here, number 700
has to wait for the bridge to open for river track.   Once the bridge closed, a south bound Amtrak trak had first priority over the bridge
into Portland.  December, 2004
With the tracks clear, 700 gets the signal to proceed across the bridge.  One last stop, one last whistle and one last ringing of the bell,
before disappearing into the sunset.  December, 2004
The 700 is gone, but these pictures show that the public loading dock of the Amtrak station offers one of the best front row seats to rails
fans.  Located at the south end of the Vancouver wye, you see all north and south bound traffic up close as well as east bound traffic
coming from Portland and the regular action of the Columbia River swing bridge.  Here, we see Union Pacific # 3961 approaching the
Columbia River from the north and stopping.   Priority was giving to east bound BNSF 901.   December, 2004
Once 901 crossed the north/south track, number 3961 was giving clearance to cross the Columbia River bridge into Portland.   The final
photos shows the historical Vancouver depot.  Today, it's used by Amtrak, but it looks much like it did when first constructed.  This line
was built in 1908.  I'm not sure how old this depot is, but it was probably built shortly thereafter.   December, 2004
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