June 10, 2007

Forums shut down

The last time this "news" page was updated, I had a note to check with my "forums" for the latest info.  However, my forums have been shutdown
for many months now.  The reason being that the forums took up too much time to moderate and maintain, especially with hackers and
spammers.    So let me share some the latest happens about the railroad section of my website.

The new Oregon Pacific Railroad Website

The most exciting thing that has happened has been our increased association with the Oregon Pacific Railroad, allowing us to create an
indepth website about that famous, family owned and operated railroad.    I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Mr. Samuels and his family in
recording recent events on the OPR for the website and I look forward to continuing to work with them to give the public as much information and
history on the OPR and its operations as possible.     The OPR is a very special railroad for many reasons, but the not least of which, is its
dedication to preserving railroad history and allowing the famous SP&S 700 and SP 4449 locomotives to operate on its railroad in the past.

These past events where the public was able to see and ride behind these famous locomotives would likely have never happened on most other
short lines, leaving the locomotives to only operate very occasionally on mainline excursions, which are difficult to chase and extremely expensive
to ride on.   So, kudos to the OPR and mark your calenders for yet
another steam run on the OPR coming this July.  See this page for more info.

Our website regarding the OPR is still expanding and we are working in conjunction with the OPR to keep the website accurate and updated.
Currently, it is only Oregon Pacific Railroad website of its kind as the OPR does have its own maintained website.    Once again, we sincerely
appreciate working with the OPR and look forward working with them to promote their railroad, its history and the future plans, which include a
public railroad museum.

Abandoned Logging Railroads

I've received a few emails asking if I'm still exploring abandoned railroads as there have been few updates in recent months on that section of the
website.   The answer is most certainly yes.   
Matt Wolford and I have been spending a significant amount of time exploring abandoned logging
railroads in the Oregon Coast Range mountains.    Since last year, we've discovered many grades and interesting finds, including abandoned
rails, car wrecks, and even saw mill sites.     Not to mention previously unknown railroad grades.   The finds have been amazing, but unfortunately
with all of our projects and heavy overtime at work, I've not been able to find the time to properly update the website with photos and information
from all these railroads.

I did create a new page regarding
Coast Range Logging Railroads.    Our finds will be recorded on this page as time allows.   I have also created
and recently updated one new logging railroad related article regarding our exploration and finds on the
Douty Mill Spur.

The Kerry Railroad, which is a major project for us, has been extensively explored most of last year and some of this year.   I have many updates
planned for that article, inlcuding photos and maps of what we've found, so be sure to check back.


Its been an extremely busy and difficult year with work taking up many extra hours of my time among other issues, which have not allowed me to
dedicate as much time to this website as I would like.  It has also not allowed me to respond to every email.   I want to apologize to anyone who
has emailed with a question or comment that didn't get a response in the last few months.

Things are still extremely busy, but I want to respond to everyone that emailed me.   As I try to get through the backlog, if you have a comment or
question, please feel free to email me again, as I tend to work through my emails from the most recent down.  I appreciate everyone's
understanding and your comments and for visiting our website.   All emails are welcome.  I can't guarantee a timely response, but I do read all
emails and I will do my best to get back to you.

Thanks again for viewing our website!
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