I created this section to showcase some of your cool and interesting rigs as well as any unusual or
interesting 4x4s that I've taken photos of.   You'll notice that some of the trucks here are not
Toyotas.  There is no requirement to be in this section other than having an interesting 4x4 vehicle.
You'll also notice many cool rigs that are from other countries.  If you're interested on more about
Foreign Toyotas I have whole section devoted to them.  Just click

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Peter M. Glaessing (German) 2003 Hilux Double cab
Peter sent me these pictures of a very interesting Hilux with a special camper/tent set up.  Very impessive and fun rig I'll bet!   Here's what he had to
say about it - bold type is my additional comments:

It's a 2003 HiLux Double Cab 2.5 Common Rail Diesel. 102 hp. Bought it from a local dealer, already upgraded. Old Man Emu rear leaf springs and front torsion
bars.   Offrotec vacuum locker
(something most U.S. guys probably haven't heard of)  at the rear axle, 16 " wheels with 265/75 r 16 BFG A/T, Custom made
'engine protection panel, Custom Made Hardtop, A/C, Additional Webasto heater.  Long Ranger tank swap. (30 Gal.)

Currently the truck is approx 10 cm
(~4 inches) higher than stock which is by far not sufficient.  On the list of modifications to be made:
Body lift, Flatbed and finally a solid axle conversion.  
Vik Seehra (North America) 1990s Toyota Landcruiser  BJ74 Japanese market model
Vic sent me this photo of his late model Japanese Land Cruiser.  This is what he said about it:

I have a BJ 74V it has a 13Bt Turbo Diesel motor and H55 Tranny with a Electric Push Button High 4WD, it's got a FF Rear Axle and a PTO winch, it is RH
drive with a Fibre removable hard top but I got used to it after a couple of weeks. I bought it from Japan
Idsert  (Netherlands) 1993 Toyota Landcruiser  4.2 (HZJ75 / Heavy duty)
Idert sent me this photo of his unique Land Cruiser.  This is what he said about it:

It is custom build (the higher roof) for www.rijkswaterstaat.nl . when I bought the LC, it seems there used to be a small lab in the back.  I’m building in the back a
small camper to go up north (Sweden, Finland & Norway). The LC (first owner) was  bought (by  rijkswaterstaat (government responsible for roads &
waterway) in the Netherlands.
Rrene Chapman (Canada) 1988 or 1989 Toyota double cab - Japanese market truck
Rene sent me this picture of a neat Toyota pick-up.    He said that it's a 1988 quad cab 2.8L-  3L diesel 4x4 hilux that they imported from
Japan.  The body style makes me wonder if perhaps it's a 1989 model, however.  Neat rig.
Unknown (Oregon) early 1980s Toyota Pick-up 4x4 with / custom extra cab conversion
I spotted this interesting Toyota in Southern Oregon.  This custom cab conversion was fairly popular in the mid 1980s and can still be seen on a few
pick-ups.   However, this is the first 4x4 version that I've seen and I believe this 1982 or 1983 model conversion is pretty rare as well.
Unknown (Idaho) ~197?Toyota Land Cruiser FJ55
I spotted this derelict Land Cruiser FJ55 is a small western Idaho town (can't remember which one)  in the summer, 2004.   It had a plow attached,
which is probably attached year round and this rig only used for that purpose.  Sad, considering that FJ55s are becoming rare these days.  Might
make a restoration project for somebody.
Kjetil Holand (NORWAY) ~1988 Toyota Land Cruiser LJ70 VX
Kjetil sent me these rare and intresting pictures of his 1988 Land Cruiser.    Here is what he had to say about it:

I have a 88’ Landcruiser LJ70 VX, this is as far as I know the only LJ70/73 VX in the scandiavia. The difference between LX and VX is that the VX edition is a
little more equipped than the LX version.   I have headlight washers, electrical sunroof, electric window elevators, central lock(??)+++
Nico Pretorius (Bamako, MALI) ~2004 Toyota Land Cruiser HJZ76
Nico sent me these rare and intresting pictures of his brand new 2004 Land Cruiser.    Here is what he had to say about it:

I recently purchased the vehicle in the attached pictures - a 2004 LC Station Wagon. It has the 4.2L  1Hz normally aspirated Diesel engine.
The photos were taken in Japan - it will be shipped on 8 August 2004 and is destined for Bamako, Mali, where I currently live. Ibought this vehicle mainly
because a "soft-roader" will not last here in Bamako.   I am a South African, currently working in Mali - the 79 LC is still a very popular Safari vehicle in South
Hugh (COLORADO) ~1962 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ45 SWB
Hugh sent me this very cool flex picture of his rare FJ45 pick-up.   Here is what he had to say about it:

'62 FJ45 SWB, TBI 2F w/H55 5 spd. and late model split x-case.  Rear: lc full floater w/ARB and disc brake conversion.  Front: late model w/disc brakes and ARB
Saginaw steering conversion  w/AGR box.  Man A Fre Shackle Reversal and 4" lift w/KYB  high pressure shocks.  33" 12.5's Pro Comps Custom Flat Bed w/ hi
lift jack mounts, tie down points, tire carrier, dual  purpose pintle hitch and tool holders.   Also, 60 series seats and steering column and Tuffy console
Khaled Soliman (EGYPT) ~1995 Toyota Land Cruiser 80 series
Khaled Soliman of Cairo, Egypt, sent me this pictures of his very cool Land Cruiser 80 series.   Here is what he had to say about it:

Here are some pics of my LC 80 (1995) with a stock 4.5l engine (carburetor)  It has a 2.5 inch Oldman emmu suspension upgrade, with 12.5x33x15 Pirelli
scorpion AT tires.  The lc has stock front and rear differential locksI've added an aux battery, but otherwise the lc is stock.  The car is virtually unstoppable
in the dunes, while having a very civilized ride on fast desert and gravel tracks.
Ken Trinder (NORTH CAROLINA) ~1987 Toyota (Bonaza Coach Camper) 4x4
Ken Trinder sent in these pictures of his very clean 1987 Toyota SR5 4x4 pick-up.   It was modified with a camper added by Bonaza Coach, out of
Indiana.  The roof tilts up for a full height ceiling and it sleeps 4 adults.   Ken rebuilt the interior to his liking.  He currently uses it for surfing down
in Cape Hatteras North Carolina.  A very and nicely built Toyota 4x4 camper.
Owner unknown (OREGON) ~2001 Toyota Tacoma
I spotted this newer 2001 or 2002 Toyota Tacoma 4x4 in my town and took some pictures.   I'm not sure who the owner is, but I thought the fairly
rarely seen pop-up camper was kind of interesting and that's why I'm posting it here.   The pop-up camper was made by
Four Wheel pop-up campers.   
Mark Smallman (AUSTRALIA)  Land Cruiser FJ40
Mark Smallman from Australia sent in this picture of his Land Cruiser 40 series.   Here's what he had to say about it:

"...I especially enjoyed the photos of your father's 40 series I suppose because that is what I own as well, (see attached photo) - it's
a 4.2 litre petrol with a 4 speed. I am in the process of installing a 5 speed box - apart from that it's pretty standard. my next project will be to
investigate a proper natural gas conversion and do something about that suspenion!..."

It's definatley a nice clean looking example of the awesome 40 series!
Alan Teh (MALAYSIA)  2003 Hilux pick-up
Alan Teh from Malaysia sent in these pictures of his brand new 2003 Toyota Hilux 4 door.   The engine is  a 2.5 liter D4D turbo diesel, the latest of
Toyota's diesel engines.  This 4x4 has several modifications, including ARB bullbar, Simex Centipede 31x10.5x15, Warn winch M8000, Hella Rally
2000 driving lights, High lift jack,Yeasu 1500M radio.  He soon plans to add Old EMU suspension, sidestep, Rear bumper, skipplate, sidebar
protection, and Safari snorkel.    Alan says that they do some serious off roading with other vehicles in the jungle of Malaysia and on a typical trip,
carry We do equip with chain saw, recovery gear, spades, boat ropes, GPS, radios, self designed tools.   If you've every watched the Rainforest
Challenge videos or seen the pictures, you'd know that off roading over there is very tricky and challenging.

Nice rig!   If Toyota would only allow us here in the U.S. purchase one just like that, I'd do it tomorrow!

Note:  Check out the dash....no heater!   Yep, it's typical for Toyota to delete the entire heater/core from trucks sold in year round tropical climates!!
Smári Sigurbjörnsson (ICELAND)  1995 Hilux pick-up
Smári Sigurbjörnsson from Iceland sent me these pictures of his 1980 Toyota Hilux.  He said that it has a 22R engine, ARB air lockers front and
rear, 38" radial mudders on 15x15" wheels.   As can be seen it's built to be driven on the ice and snow that is prevelent in parts of Iceland. The super
wide tires are common on rigs built in that country and work well when driving on vast expanses of soft snow.  Of course, the question everyone
wants to know is about the back half of this Hilux truck.  The rear half of this Hilux is a custom built steel enclosure.   The pictures you see above
were taken in 1995, when the Hilux and custom rear enclosure were  rebuilt due to rust.

Well built rig and what appears to be possibly a one of a kind.  More pictures can be found on my
Hilux Gen 1 Page
Khum Lak (THAILAND)  1995 Hilux pick-up
Khun Lak from Thailand sent me these very cool pictures of his highly modified 1995 IFS Hilux.    The modifications are included below.  As can be
seen, this Hilux gets wheeled hard and it does very well off road.

It's a 1995 Toyota Hilux SR5 (LN111) named "King-Ka" (Chameleon).   The engine is a 2.8L Diesel.   Suspension is by BlackDiamond with a 4" IFS
lift Kit,  Silverstone MT117 285/85/16 Tires (35").   A Toyota Aisin 10,000lb Winch on front, Warn M6000lb winch on the rear, and  Rep6000 Ramsey
Winch Spare Winch. (Socket Plug In Winch), HighLift-Jacks 48", Dual Battery, Toyota air compressor pump with Sub tank.   Safari Snorkels,
Center Sickker arm axles Rear Custom rack.

Look looking rig!
SSgt. Randy Ellison, USMC (JAPAN)  1989 Hilux Surf (4Runners across the pond)
This modified Hilux Surf is owned by SSgt Randy Ellison, who is stationed in Japan.   He is the one that was kind enough to send me all those U.S.
military Toyota Land Cruiser photos that you can see in the
Military Toyota Section.  Randy's other Toyota, a Land Cruiser Prado can also be seen
further down on this page.   

Randy says that his Surf is used mostly for wheeling and it's built that way too.   It has IFS with ball joint spacers and a slight crank of the torsion
bars, front and rear Lockrites with 5.29s, 4.88 Rockhopper gears and a twin stick are in the transfer case.  Custom rear springs, Climax shackles,
tube doors custom steel front and rear bumpers round other exterior.   The engine is a 3YEU petrol that's been bored, ported and polished.

Nice rig Randy, and thanks for all those cool military Toyota  pictures!!
Christopher Roque  (BERMUDA)  1988 Toyota Land Cruiser BJ70
Christopher from Bermuda sent me these pictures of his 1988 Land Cruiser BJ70.  He says:

I use for towing boats. it is the best truck for the job because of the turning radius and the power that boats you see are all 6000 lbs and the trailer is about 4700
lbs so you know that the is a bully truck I have a 2500 lb capacity airbag add on suspension kit from air lift and it makes the ride a hole lot better.

Very nice looking Land Cruiser and nice boats too!
Faruk Rahman (MALAYSIA)  Toyota Land Cruiser 80 series
Faruk Rahman belongs to the Petronas  Adventure Team based out of Malaysia and they travel all over the world in vehicles like this Land Cruiser
80 series pictured above.   Faruk tells me that his Land Cruiser has been to TIBET (1999)  INDOCHINA (2000)  ISTANBUL – KUALA LUMPUR,

He said that normally before each expedition the Land Cruiser gets a good tune up and work over including new clutch, bearings, but he notes that
little needs to be done to a stock Land Cruiser to make it extremely expedition worthy.  His has a 4.2 liter turbo intercooled diesel.   Petronas
Adventure Team has their website with many cool pictures and I encourage you to visit it by clicking on the team logo above or clicking
here.  This
rig will definately be added to my new
Expedition 4x4 section.   Very impressive Land Cruiser.
Bolli Valgarðsson (ICELAND)  Toyota Land Hilux doublecab
Bolli Valgarosson was kind enough to send me this pictures and a link to his website with many, many more pictures a long time ago.  I
unfortunately had lost his pictures and link until just recently so I'm posting it now.  His truck is a Hilux double cab and is heavily modified by Artic
Trucks of Iceland for travel over the typical Icelandic terrain.   This is a very cool and unique Hilux.  To view more pictures of the Hilux and other
similier equipped Toyota Land Cruisers and to see some really amazing scenic pictures of Iceland, please visit
Bolli's website.
Unknown owner (OREGON)  197? Toyota Land Cruiser FJ55
I'm not sure who the owner is.  I photographed this 1970s model Toyota Land Cruiser FJ55 somewhere along coast hwy 101 north of Florence,
Oregon in August, 2003.   I'm posting it here, because the FJ55 is a bit of a rare vehicle here in the U.S.  Although many were sold here, you don't
see too many of them on the highways anymore.   This one looked to be in pretty stock condition, although it did have a few rust spots here and there.
Reedsport Dunes Rescue Vehicles (OREGON)   
This latest entry is a bit unusual.  Rather than a submitted vehicle, these are four off road trucks that I photographed while visiting Jen's parents in
Reedsport, Oregon, in August, 2003.   Near Reedsport is the Oregon Dunes off road recreation area.   Here you can see that the fire department and
local tow companies are very well equipped to operate and perform rescues on the dunes.   
SSgt. Randy Ellison, USMC (JAPAN)   1992 Land Cruiser LJ 78 TD
Randy and his family have been stationed in Japan for more than 4 years.  He was kind enough to send me some very interesting pictures of
U.S.M.C. Land Cruisers that you can see in the Military Toyota section.  Here is his wife's 1992 Land Cruiser LJ 78.   Modifications include a 4" coil
lift.   The engine is a 2L-Te diesel and it came with 4.88 gears and a rear limited slip.   Randy also has an 1989 Hilux Surf with IFS and the 3Y
engine.   Hopefully we can get some pictures of that rig too.   Keep all those cool pictures coming Randy.  You've provided us with some great ones so
far.  See them
Brandon Whitehead (WASHINGTON)  1993 Toyota 4Runner with Solid front axle. (2nd take)
If you scrolled down you can see that Brandon's rig has already been featured once before, but now it has a new look in the way of 35x12.5-15 tires.   
Brandon's 1993 4Runner still sport ARB lockers front and rear, 5.29 gears, an All Pro solid front axle kit with my old 4" front spring and rear 64"
Chevy springs.   It also features a 2" body lift and gas tank relocated to the old spare tire location.  The automatic was discarded for 5 speed manual
behind the stock V-6 and a Marlin Crawler was added at the same time.   This very capable rig has seen some local trail duty and even found it's way
on it's side, but luckily damage was minimal.   This rig deserved a second take.  Maybe we'll get some trail pictures in the future.

Update (April, 2004) Brandon has informed me that he just transplanted in a 3.4 liter Toyota V-6!
Sebastian Couture  (Canadian Embassy Nairobi Kenya)  1993 Toyota Landcruiser Prado
Sebastian of the Canadian Embassy in Kenya send me pictures of thier 1993 Land Cruiser Prado which has a most interesting recent history.   The
Land Cruiser is mostly stock, although coil springs have been upgraded to different Toyota springs for more ground clearance.  Recently, the Prado
experienced a roll over in Safari accident in the Serengeti National Park.  The Prado was heavily damaged with a crushed roof as can be seen in the
pictures on the right.  But today, the damaged has been repaired and it's not only good as new, it's better.  As you can see on the far right, they've
incorporated a hatch in the roof to allow them to stand up for a better view during future Safaris.  Very nice rig indeed.
Travis Trujillo   (OREGON, USA) 1989 Toyota pick-up
César Asencio (Dominican Republic) 1988 Land Cruiser II RJ70 Bundera
Cesar sent me this picture of his 1988 Land Cruiser II RJ70.  The Land Cruiser II is also called the Bundera in many countries.  The RJ
signifies that it uses the 22R engine.   It has 214,000 miles and has had no major repairs.   Cesar is considering trading out teh 22R for
the more fuel effecient 2L or 2LT diesel engines.    A nice example of the Bundera.  Another capable rig that Toyota never sold here in
the U.S.
Echelon Evironmental Energy (OREGON, USA) Mercedes Unimog
I met up with the driver of this later model Unimog while exploring some mines just east of Baker City, Oregon.   The driver was an
employee of Echelon Environmental Energy and was driving the company owned Unimog.  His company does research into wind energy
was looking to service some of the sensors in the area.   The area was full of old mine trails and his Unimog was put to well use.  I
noticed it had California plates, but I don't know much else about it, including what year it is.  Note the turret holes in the roof, which I
assume would have been used for gun turrets had this Unimog been sold as a military vehicle.
Jon Sharpe (OREGON, USA) 1979 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40
This Land Cruiser picture was sent in my Jon Sharpe of Bend, Oregon.   Jon says that his FJ40 is all stock, but it has an amazing low 44,000 miles.  
Not even broke in.    Jon also has stock FJ60 with 88,000 miles on it.   This picture was taken on Tumalo Butte, northwest of Bend near Redmond,
Oregon.   This is one very nice stock Land Cruiser.  As we all know, you don't need to modify a 40 series to make it serious off road rig.  It was born
that way.   I can't help notice how much it looks like my
Dad's old 1969 Land Cruiser.  
Igor Karpovics (BOLIVIA) Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Series.
Igor Karpovics of Boliva sent me this picture of this Land Cruiser.   This is how Igor describes his Land Cruiser:

I live in La Paz, Bolivia (13,000 ft above sea level)  I presently drive a Series 80 1HD-T 4164cc. It has a VX badge on it that differentiates from other models.  
The two extra tires come with the Land Cruiser.  One sits under the extra 60 liter sub-tank in the rear and the second tire comes on a right hand side tire carrier.  
What I have done is swap out the small sub tank and tire for a bigger 100 liter tank.  I now carry that tire on the Toyota aluminum roof rack that came with the
jeep.  Mine comes with a front solid axle, front and rear air, center council freezer, cloth seats, sun roof, Radio cassette and CD, dual tanks, two spare tires.

The picture you see here was taken at a whopping 15,700 foot elevation.  A very interesting South American Toyota.  Thanks Igor.
Alan Podvin (COLORADO, USA) Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Series.
This Land Cruiser picture was sent in my Alan Podvin of Colorado.  This picture was taken at the 03 Chili Challenge in New Mexico.  Alan says he's
considering swapping in a Toyota 4.7 V-8 in the future.   A very nice Land Cruiser, being used like it's suppose too. .
Roy (NEW YORK, USA) 1993 Toyota T-100 4X4 & Backyard project
Roy, from Long Island, New York, sent me these pictures of his very nice looking 1993 Toyota T-100 and a little project he's working on.   (This page
isn't just for Toyotas, as you'll see further down).   The T-100 was Toyota's first attempt at building a full size rig.  This model was a North American
exclusive.   Built from 1993 through 1998, the T-100 used the compact truck's frame (but wider) and suspension.   However an all new body and
interior were designed.   It was a very heavy duty truck and was designed specficly to be marketed as a work truck.  This marketing failed and Toyota
dropped the T-100 in favor of the more plush, yet lighter duty Tundra 1999.
Thierry (FRANCE) 1995? Toyota Land Cruiser HZJ75
Thierry of France, sent me these pictures of his Toyota Land Cruiser HZJ75.  He didn't say what year it is, but it appears to be an early to mid 1990s
model.  As you can see, it's nicely modified for expedition 4 wheeling.   These 75 troop carriers are among my favorite Toyotas.  Very nice rig
Thierry.   If you want to see more of this rig, a few more pictures are posted on my
Foreign Toyota Page under the 70 series section.     Thierry also
had a detailed webpage of his own.  
Thilo (GERMANY) 1977 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 & 1986 Toyota Land Cruiser LJ70
These two rigs belong to Thilo of Germany.   The Land Cruiser on the left is a high modified 1977 FJ40.  It now has a 12H-T engine and 39.5 Super
Swamper tires.   The Land Cruiser on the right is a 1986 LJ70.  It has a 2.5" TJM suspension lift and a 2.5" body lift.
Thilo says that he later added an intercooler and a factory Toyota snorkle.  The tires are 33x12.5-15s.

Nice rigs, Thilo.
Jeff Bongers's (AUSTRALIA) 1983 Toyota Hilux 4X4
This rig belongs to Jeff Bongers of Australia.  He sent me these pictures.   Jeff current has a 2" body lift (not shown in pictures) and has future plans
of adding a hy-steer type steering system.   Note the flat utility bed.  Very common in Australia.   Nice rig, Jeff.
Bill Mark's (OREGON, USA) 1973 Ford Bronco
This rig belongs to my girlfriend Jen's Dad.  What makes this rig so interesting is the fact that it's a one owner, completely unmodified original Ford
Bronco.  What you see is pretty much what was bought almost 30 years ago.   A restoration is planned for sometime in the future, but it's currently in
perfectly fine running order witha little minor expected rust here and there.   Another interesting fact about this rig is the rare option of positraction
front and rear.  This rig also has the rare option of dual fuel tanks.   Engine is a Ford 302 V-8 with a 3 speed automatic.  Note the very stout Ford 9"
rear and I believe Dana 44 front end.  This is a Bronco purist's dream.
(AUSTRALIA) 1990 Hilux SR5 4x4 factory solid front axle dual cab
Dave Stedman (Japan & Canada) Toyota Land Cruiser FJ75 ex-USMC military version
Roall Ryggvik (NORWAY) Toyota Land Cruiser HJ61 & Toyota Land Cruiser LJ73
Roall Ryggvik sent me these pictures of two of his Toyota Land Cruisers.  The picture on the left is of late model 1989 HJ61, with a 4.0 turbodiesel
with OME and 33x12.5x15 BF-ATko.  This is one of the last 60 series made, before the 80 series was introduced.  Roall says that this Land Cruiser
now belongs to this girlfriend.  The picture on the right is of Roall's 1987 LJ73 Bundera.  It has a 2.4 turbodiesel with 2"bodylift, OME, and
35x12.5x15 BF-Mud tires.  The Bandura is a lighter duty version of the Land Cruiser 70 series which uses the same axles, engine and transmission
as the Hilux.    For more information on Toyotas like these, please visit my
Foreign Toyota Page.
Glen Earls (PERU) 2001 Toyota Land Cruiser 78 Troop Carrier Turbo Diesel
Glen sent me these pictures of his just recently purchased 2001 Toyota Land Cruiser Troopie 78 series.  Several things make this Land Cruiser most
interesting.   Besides being one of the most desirable late model Toyotas on earth, it is a left hand drive model, which means it would fit perfectly on
our U.S. highways.   It most likely was originally destined for South America, although it was intended to be used by an Australian mining
company.   It has the newer, very powerful 4.2 liter turbo diesel.   For more information on Toyotas like these, please visit my
Foreign Toyota Page.
Andrew Beresford (AUSTRALIA) 1995 Toyota Hilux 4x4
Andrew from Australia sent me these pictures of this 1995 Toyota Hilux 4X4.  This truck has a 22R carburated engine and a factory solid front axle.   
Glen says that his truck currently has a 6" lift and 33" tires.   Nice Hilux Glen.  And being used like they should be.  
For more information on Toyotas like these, please visit my
Foreign Toyota Page.
Jens G.R. Benthien (GERMANY)  1987 Toyota Land Cruiser LJ70 Bundera
Jens G.R. Benthien of Germany sent me these pictures of his nearly stock 1987 Toyota Land Cruiser.  Jens explained that due to heavy German
restrictions, there are few modifications that they are allowed to do, but this rig looks very nice anyway.  It is a Bundera, which is the lighter duty
version of the Land Cruiser 70 series and is equipped with a 2.4 liter turbo diesel and 31x10.5-15 tires.  For more information on Toyotas like these,
please visit my
Foreign Toyota Page.
Alex Gauthier's (OREGON, USA) 1991 Toyota pick-up 4x4 with a front axle conversion
This 1991 solid axle converted Toyota 4x4 is owned by Alex of Beaverton, Oregon.  This very nice rig has all the right modifications.  ARB lockers
from and rear, 35" Goodyear MTRs, 5.29 gears and an ARB bullbar bumper.   Solid axle swap courtisy of the AOR kit using AOR springs up front
and All Pro springs in the rear.  All topped off with a WARN winch.  Nice rig, Alex!
More pictures can be found on Alex's homepage by clicking
Dwight Brown (AMERICAN EMBASSY in RUSSIA)  1994 Toyota Land Cruiser 75 Troopie
Dwight wrote me to ask about where to locate parts for his newly purchased Russian Land Cruiser 75 series.   He described it:

I have recently purchased a Toyota LandCruiser from the Embassy and now I am trying to find some several necessary parts for it.  It is a 1994 Toyota
LandCruiser Trooper Carrier (Troopy) 75 (at least I think it?s the 75).  It is a gasoline/petrol (not diesel) engine with 24 valves and 6 straight cylinders.  It will fit
10-11 people.  It has 2 doors and the snorkel pipe on the passenger side.

What a lucky find.  Dwight is new to the Toyota Land Cruisers, but he is also very lucky, as is he one of the very few Americans who actually own 75
series such as this one.
Blair Baxter's (LOUISIANA, USA) 1986 Toyota 4x4 - Factory Turbo 22RT-E
Blair sent me these pictures of his very nice looking 1986 Toyota 4X4 Turbo.  The turbo 22RE is a very
rare truck, and few remain today.   Equipped from the factory with the heaviest duty equipment ever
installed on a US market truck; R151 transmission with the ultra low 4.3 first gear and one of the first
heavy duty 4 pinion rear diffs installed on a Toyota truck.  Toyota installed the turbo as an interim to
give customers a more powerful engine option while developing the 3.0 liter V-6.  As it turns out, Toyota
probably should have stuck with the turbo 22RE.  And they certainly should have kept the R151
transmission.   The R151, interestingly enough, is still available today on certain brand new overseas
Hiluxs.   But was discontinued in the US when the V-6 was introduced in 1987.  Nice truck, Blair!
Brandon Whitehead's (WASHINGTON, USA) 1993 Toyota 4Runner w/ solid front axle
This 1993 Toyota 4Runner is owned by Brandon Whitehead of Washington state.  I include his rig, because he and I conversed on some issues I had
with my solid axle conversion kit.  He was of  great help and this is a very nice rig.    The SAS was performed by Brandon using the All Pro kit.,
similier to my own set up.   Other modifications include a 5 speed manul tranny swap (used to be automatic),  All Pro rear upper and lower control
arms,  Marlin Crawler dual transfer case and an ARB locker.  Lift is by way of 3" AP springs, and a 2" body lift.  Current tires are 33x12.5-15s.
Kevin Garner's (VIRGINIA, USA) 1985 Toyota 4Runner 4x4
Kevin Garner  sent me these pictures of his nice looking 1985 4Runner 4X4.  As Kevin puts it................

It started out as a basket case and I was going to make a 4wheeling ride out of it. Well one thing led to another and I have just about completely rebuilt the thing
from the ground up. I completely rebuilt the front end(thanks 4x4 wire)and installed 5:29 gears and a detroit locker.  In the rear I have 5:29's and a spool.   It has
a 3" superlift spring lift with 2" extended shackles,NWOR braided brake lines and breathers.I am running 35" swamper SSR's.I got an LC header and 2-1/4"
flowmaster exhaust and K&N air filter.  I did custom black interior and honda pearl blue paint.I wish I had just done lift,gears,lockers,hogged out the fenders and
left the rest alone so I could just wheel the crap out of it.  Now it's too nice to tear up(and I have too much invested),but it is getting a few scratches here and there
and the newness is wearing off so it probably won't be long before it is rapped up in mud. We just have hills and mud around here.

.......Very nice looking rig, Kevin.
Gary Peacock  sent me these pictures of his son's 1983 Toyota.  This is one of the nicest looking early generation Toyotas I've
ever seen.  Notice the detail in the compartment.    As Gary puts it......

We live in Hobbs, New Mexico and are members of the Cave City Offroaders Club. We did a complete over haul on this thing
including engine , brakes (calipers,  wheel cylinders, master cylinder), tranny (done by a shop), etc. It has a Rough Country 3'
suspension lift with Mickey Thompson Classic wheels with 31" Mickey Thompson claw radials. The engine has a Weber carb with a L
C engineering performer cam and L C engineering s.s. headers. The gearing is stock 4.11 but with hopes of soon changing to 4.56 or
1988 Toyota 4x4 (NEW MEXICO, USA) with a solid axle conversion
Gary Peacock  also sent me pictures of his own truck, a 1988 Toyota with a solid axle conversion.   As Gary puts it....

It has the solid axle conversion with hysteer tie rod and drag link. It also has the Chevy 4.3 Vortec v6 conversion out of a 95 blazer with the center port fuel
injection. The front suspension has Procomp 3" springs while the rear has Mazda 56" springs with a double shackle setup that unfolds to allow for 15" of
axle droop. This all rides on Rancho 9000 shocks. My next project is to add 488 gears, lockers  and a Marlin 4.70 to 1 transfer case..

........Very nice truck, Gary.  Keep up the good work!
195? Dodge M-37 Oregon State Parks Brush Fire Truck (OREGON, USA)
Very little known about this truck, other than I saw it parked in an autoparts store parking lot, in Liberal, Oregon, in the spring, 2002.  It appears to
be a surplused military M-37 4X4 3/4 ton truck that was converted into a brush fire truck for the Oregon Parks Department.   And it appears to have
served that role for many years.   It was well worn, but still very interesting.   I assume this is a popular conversion for the M37 as I've seen at least 2
others similier to this in my travels.
196? Mercedes Unimog (OREGON, USA) originally from Germany.
I saw this rig at a Les Swchab Tire store in Sandy, Oregon, in the early spring, 2002.   After a brief talk with the owner, he said he just brought it
back from Germany after spending a military tour over there.  Little else is known about it.  He had it for sale for about $10,000.  
195? Dodge M-35 Abandoned 6x6 heavy duty truck (OREGON, USA)
I stumbled on this 1950s M35 duece and a half while driving down a very remote trail in the middle of nowhere, somewhere
in southeastern Oregon.   This rig was obviously a military M35 that was later surplused and used as a farm truck.   Why it is abandoned there, is a
mystery.  It could have been used as a rig for one of the abandoned local mines.   A sad end to what was a pretty cool 6X6 truck.  The fact that much of
the truck was still largely intact and not completely stripped by vandels is a testamont to how remote the area was.   Summer, 2002.
                                                      Click on images for larger
Travis sent me these pictures of his nice 1989 extra cab pick up.  He said that it has a 4" IFS lift, 3" body lift and 33x12.5-15 tires.  The
above picture was taken as the 2003 Jolly Jeepers run at Browns Camp, in the Tillamook State Forest, Oregon.  It currently has 4.10
gears and open diffs, but future plans include adding a second T-case and hopefully a locker or two.  This truck is his daily driver, but as
you can see, it gets used off road  as well.  Nice truck.
A gentleman from Australia and was kind enough to send me some pictures of his very interesting rig.   His name is being withheld as he recently
sold this rig to someone else.   What makes this Toyota so interesting is all the options that were never available on North American Toyotas during
the same generation.  Toyota imported a much better Toyota 4x4 into the overseas markets..  For example, double cab body, 2.8 liter diesel engine,
solid front axle and a rear limited slip.  Toyota quit building diesel engines and solid front axles on North American market Toyotas in 1985 and
never introduced a double cab verison until the 2000 Tacoma.   Toyota also never introduced a limited slip in the North American market, although
current generation Tacomas do have an electric rear locker as an option.   For more information on Toyotas like these, please visit my
Toyota Page.
Dave Stedman sent me these pictures of his 1990 Land Cruiser FJ75.  Dave said that this Land Cruiser started life with the U.S. military in the Gulf
war.  It was donated by Japan for the war effort and spent some time in the Middle East before being transfered to a U.S. Marine Corp Air Station in
Japan where it served as a crash/fire truck.   It was later surplused and purchased by Dave, who currently lives in Japan.   The pictures show the
transformation from ex-U.S. military surplus to the serious off road machine it is today.  Modification including a Toyota PTO winch up front and
electric winch in the rear and extra fuel tank.  And of course a very nice custom flat bed set up.  The engine is the stock 3F petrol engine and an
H55F transmission.

Very nice rig Dave.  
1983 Toyota 4x4 (NEW MEXICO, USA)