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From Australia
The End
A new chapter in the Landcruiser legend...

Over the last 40 years the Toyota Landcruiser's legendary toughness has made it Australia's most popular work-horse.
It has proved itself time and time again in the roughest rural, mining and construction industries across Australia.

Now we've re-engineered the Landcruiser where it matters most, so it will set new standards in durability and
reliability. And we've been as tough on ourselves in re-engineering it as you and the Australian countryside have been
driving it.

In fact, you'll barely have to even think about servicing it, now service levels for diesel engines have been extended
from 5,000 to 10,000 kilometres, a mark of the confidence we have in this vehicle.

We've given the Landcruiser 78 more grunt, and the petrol engine has class leading torque. We've increased the
approach and departure angles. We've improved the four wheel drive ability and the ride and given it more agile
handling with coil springs on the front. We've kept the leaf springs on the back, only they're longer for improved ride
comfort. And with the longer wheelbase on the standard cab models you can carry more, more safely.

We've made it heaps more comfortable, with a larger cabin and extra padding for those long days in the saddle. And
added a stack more carrying space. We've also engineered in some of the Landcruiser 100's best features.

The 78 Series still has the family's rugged good looks, so while a lot of the changes may not be that visible you'll
certainly feel them.

And, Oh, what a feeling it is!


Only Landcruiser 78 gives you a choice of 10 models, from cab chassis to the unique Troop Carrier. All feature dual
fuel tanks with a combined capacity of 180 litres. Significant improvements include power steering, tilt adjustable
steering and a conveniently placed hand throttle. Underbody protection plates help to minimise undercarriage damage.

Available with a 4.5 litre petrol engine or 4.2 litre diesel engine [New Turbo Diesel click here]. For added comfort
every model has front outboard seat headrests, and an electronically tuned AM/FM radio with auto reverse radio
cassette player.

There is better instrumentation with a digital trip meter, continuous reading fuel gauges and voltmeter.

The 3, 6 and 11 seat Troop Carriers feature a horizontally split rear door and all models feature a driver's bucket seat.

The 4.2 litre diesel RV has 6 seat capacity, and features cloth seats and door trim, central locking, silver painted rims,
front door pockets, rear intermittent wiper, high mount stop lamp, power door locks and a 4 speaker sound system.

4.2 litre diesel engine. A unitary cabin construction provides increased rigidity. There is a tough steel tray with cargo tie
down hooks and a side step is a step up in convenience.

There is also front and rear mud flaps, vinyl seat trim and a lockable fuel cap.

Choose from a 4.5 litre petrol engine or 4.2 diesel engine, all with the new unitary cabin construction. To help pay for
itself even quicker, there's a larger load carrying space. A longer wheelbase gives better load distribution and a more
comfortable ride. Then, after a lot of hard work, enjoy the ease of cleaning the new hard wearing textured vinyl trim in
the interior.


Both the 4.2 litre diesel and 4.5 litre petrol engines go like you know what off a shovel. To give you a more
comfortable ride, better handling and straight line stability the 78 features coil springs on the front, longer (172mm) leaf
rear suspension, an increased wheelbase and wider track. It will eat the worst bush tracks for breakfast.

Front Coil Suspension

The addition of the brilliant gearbox from the Landcruiser 100 gives smooth shifts, like a hot knife slicing through
butter, which coupled with the new clutch pedal's turnover spring helps reduce driver fatigue.

And because it's often a huge distance between drinks, dual fuel tanks with a combined 180 litre capacity are standard.

An air cleaner warning light even warns you when the cleaner needs servicing.


1HZ engine, direct acting overhead cam, belt driven, indirect injection
HAC (High Altitude Compensation) for reduced smoke emission and reduction of engine oil contamination in high
A bigger cooling fan which improves cooling performance because its three stage viscous coupling only spins the fan
when it has to.
Shorter differential ratio gives improved acceleration and performance.
Turnover clutch spring pedal gives lower pedal effort and improved drivability.
Larger capacity alternator (110 Amps) provides increased output.

"Stump pulling" 1FZ-FE engine from the Landcruiser 100 series sets the pace in its class.
Multi valve, chain and scissor-gear driven, sequential multi point EFI.
Revised intake manifold shape improves performance and reduces weight.
Revised fuel injectors give improved fuel atomisation for better performance.
Toyota Direct Ignition (TDI) system gives improved ignition accuracy, precise sparking, good emissions and reliability.
There is no distributor to break, crack or worry about.

Improved Safety

That famous Toyota feeling just keeps getting better. The Standard cab models have one piece welded continuous
floor and roof construction for increased strength and improved body sealing.

Standard safety features include collapsible steering column, front outboard seat head rests and side window demisters.

The "military style" body shape gives a great view over the bonnet of what's in front of you and reduces the chance of
body damage.

Naturally there are side intrusion bars (see photo).

If you need to throw out the anchors in a hurry there are larger and more powerful front brakes which complement the
load sensing and bypass valve thus improving front to rear brake balance and preventing rear wheel lockup under all
load conditions.

There's increased battery capacity to power your winches and CB radios. And a new front grille and front combination
lamps as a finishing touch.


Hard work won't be a pain in the, well... you know. The improved seating is damn near luxurious. We've added more
cushion padding and 15mm in length to the seats, better lumbar support, more side padding and larger headrests.

Your mates will love the smaller transmission tunnel. It's 50mm narrower to give more leg space and centre passenger
leg room. There's also a touch more comfort for you: a driver's footrest.

In all models except the RV, the new hard wearing textured vinyl trim makes it a cinch to clean the worst muck off.
And we've even brought the wide open spaces inside by increasing the cabin length in the standard cab to give the
seats additional recline and slide room.

There's a lockable glove box for extra security. Air conditioning is optional, but thankfully quarter vent front windows
are standard.