Landcruiser FJ45
FJ45 specs - petrol engine.
vehicle weight rating   1,850kg

No. of seats   3 (6)  

Payload   600 (400) kg


Wheelbase  2,650mm  

Overall length   4,630m

Overall width  1,720mm  

Overall height   1,770mm  

Turning radius  5.3m  

Tread - front wheels   1,404mm  

Tread - rear wheels   1,350mm  



Rear   1,350mm  


Type  Model F,
petrol engine,
Pushrod overhead valve in detachable head.

Cylinders   straight 6  

Bore and stroke  90.0 x 101.6mm  

Displacement   3,878cc

Compression ratio   7.8  

Maximum gross power  115PS/3,600 rpm  

Maximum gross torque   30.0kg-m/2,200 rpm  

Engine service weight   282kg  

Petrol tank capacity   70 liters  

Max. speed 135km/h  


Gear ratio: 1st   2.757  

Gear ratio: 2nd  1.691  

Gear ratio: 3rd   1.000  

Gear ratio: reverse   3.676  

Suspension   Long semi-elliptic spring type with single acting hydraulic tubular type shock
absorbers. Stabiliser bar mounted across rear of vehicle.   

Brakes   Hydraulic internal-expanding type acting on all wheels. Hand brake operates on propeller
shaft by separate brake mechanism.       

Fuel system   Large dry type air cleaner with replaceable paper filter element. Down draft type
carburetor. Exhaust heated vaporising chamber with thermostatic control. Mechanical fuel pump
driven off camshaft.   

Cooling system   Forced circulation, water cooled, centrifugal pump, spindle runs in sealed ball
bearings which require no lubrication, circulation controlled by thermostat. Capacity, 16.6 lt.   

 Girder type, channel section.  

Clutch   Single dry plate with rubber torsion dampers. Diameter 275mm.      

Steering gear  
 Worm and sector-roller type. Gear ratio 20.5-23.5.   

Electrical 12-volt negative ground, output regulated by Current Voltage Control system. Double
horns. Sealed type headlamps. Parking lamps and turn indicator lamps. Combined tail and stop
lamps. Electrical type windscreen wipers. Battery, 12 volt 55 amp. hour. Generator, 12 volt 216

Optional equipment   Pintle hook, trailer socket, front winch, rear P.T.O., wheel (hub) caps, fog
lamps, locking petrol tank cap, lock for tool trunk, oil bath type air cleaner, jerry can, auto radio,
car heater, over size radiotor fan, differential gear ratio (3.7 or 4.11), and conventional type
transmission gear shift lever.