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LC100, Australia
Long Live the KING!

The King of 4WDs has been respected by Australians for forty years. Superior in every way since its
introduction Down Under, Toyota Landcruiser's reputation has made it the Number One selling 4WD. As
such, Landcruiser sets the standard against which all other 4WDs are judged.

The first Landcruisers were imported in 1957 to transport construction workers across difficult terrain on
the site of the Snowy Mountain Hydro-electric Scheme. Since then, it has become a vital survival tool,
driving thousands of Australians to the great outback and back. True to its reputation, Landcruiser has the
power and dependability expected of a King.

Today, Toyota engineers have created a revolutionary new Landcruiser, the Landcruiser 100, building on
its rich heritage with the latest state-of-the-art technology:

Performance has been enhanced with the choice of a new design V8 petrol engine or two improved 6
cylinder petrol and diesel engines.
Always ahead of its time, new Landcruiser 100 boasts a Global Outstanding Assessment (GOA) safety
body and chassis.
New Landcruiser 100's regal good looks are enhanced with a modern, refined wider body design.
Integrated wheel arch flares are part of the innovative new design. It also comes in a choice of nine stylish
Outward beauty is complimented with a new, more luxurious interior appearance and higher comfort
standards. Significantly increased interior space and reduced noise, vibration and harshness take you
wherever you wish to go in sheer comfort.
Not only a pleasure to look at, new Landcruiser cruises with a superior ride and excellent high-speed
stability. But it won't go anywhere you don't want it to, as it's protected with a sophisticated engine
immobiliser system. This prohibits the ignition and injection of fuel in the event of an attempted theft,
keeping your new Landcruiser exactly where you left it.
Forty years of meticulous development has perfected Landcruiser into the undisputed King of 4WDs,
ensuring it reigns supreme for many years to come.

Power To The People

Only the Landcruiser 100 range, with a choice of 3 powerful engines can fuel your desires to conquer this
rugged land.

1. The 4.5 litre, twin cam multi-valve EFI 6 cylinder petrol engine now punches out an imprressive 165 kW
of power @ 4,600 rpm and maximum torque of 387 Nm @ 3,600 rpm, making it the most powerful 6
cylinder engine in a 4x4 wagon. The bottom line is it delivers improved performance with low exhaust
emissions and reduced noise and vibration, without a fuel consumption penalty.

2. If you're power hungry, you can't go past the new 4.7 litre quad cam multi-valve EFI V8 petrol engine
producing 170 kW of power @ 4,800 rpm and a hefty 410 Nm or torque @ 3,400 rpm. At the same time
providing improved fuel economy and a level of quietness you'd expect from a Toyota passenger car. The
V8 Landcruiser 100 also features an Electronic Throttle Control System, which intelligently delivers
smooth acceleration, surprising economy and total integration with the cruise control system.

3. If you're after power and performance with the emphasis on economy, check out the 4.2 litre direct
acting overhead cam 6 cylinder diesel engine. Producing a maximum power output of 96 kW @ 3,800 rpm
and increased maximum torque of 285 Nm @ 2,200 rpm, this efficient engine is designed to minimise
running costs.

Each Landcruiser petrol engine has adopted the innovative Toyota Direct Ignition (TDI) system. This
improves precision and reliability of ignition timing for better combustion, more pulling power, economy
and lower emissions.

King Handles Any Situation
Of course, power is nothing without control. That's why when you're taming rugged mountain trails, there's
no vehicle you can trust more than the new Landcruiser. Control is enhanced in all models with a wider
track, providing a much larger "foot print" to ensure maximum cornering stability. In addition, a heavily
revised Rigid Front Suspension (RFS) on the 6 cylinder models and, on the V8 GXV model, the new
combination of Independent Front Suspension (IFS) and rack and pinion steering offer superior ride and
greatly improved high speed stability and handling.

When driving over dramatically different surfaces, confidence is inspired by the constant four wheel drive
(standard on all 8 seat models) and the standard rear limited slip differential. This technology ensures the
appropriate power is distributed to all wheels, making your four wheel driving and on-road driving, a
sure-footed experience. Any sudden emergencies, like driving through a slippery surface are more easily
controlled with Landcruiser 100's constant 4WD. You need not worry about switching to 4WD mode
because you are already there: a feature lacking in some of Landcruiser's competitors.

Survival of the Safest
Wherever you're crazy enough to go, new Landcruiser is built to bring you back home. A wide range of
passive (accident protection) and active (accident avoidance) safety features combine to give you
top-of-the-range safety and security.


Before you begin your new adventure, rest assured new Landcruiser 100's safety cell body and chassis
have been rigorously tested to meet Toyota's stringent Global Outstanding Assessment (GOA) safety
programme. These tests include the 40% frontal offset collision, full frontal collision, dynamic side impact
collision and rollover tests.

The chance of injury to the driver and front passenger can be further reduced by the dual airbag SRS,
standard on GXV and GXL models (optional on all others). Safety is elevated to luxury car levels by
including front outboard seatbelts with pre-tensioners as standard and when the dual airbag SRS is fitted,
force limiters are fitted to the front seatbelt pre-tensioners. In the event of an accident this restricts
forward movement, yet limits the force on occupants' bodies.

Body rigidity has been improved with the help of high strength steel reinforcements and large one-piece
body side panels. The energy of a collision is diverted from the passengers to the vehicle's body by a
Collision Impact Absorbing Structures (CIAS). The high strength cabin structure acts as a safety cell,
providing occupants with greater peace of mind for any unexpeceted encounters. Increased head impact
and overall protection is made possible with a strategically placed impact absorbing trim around the cabin,
on the pillars and roof lining panels. All these technologies combine to prepare the new Landcruiser 100 for
possible impacts from any direction.


While you are powering across the outback, be safe in the knowledge that Landcruiser 100's active safety
technology is working to help avoid collisions. Huge four wheel ventilated disc brakes give you the
confidence to drive on the road or off road with peace of mind. In addition, the ABS (Anti-skid Brake
System) computer intelligence detects the wheel speed and controls brake fluid pressure during emergency
braking, maintaining steering manoeuvrability and vehicle contol (standard on GXV and GXL and optional
on the RV model).

Optimum visibility is made possible with new Landcruiser 100's high driving position. It is further enhanced
with a large windshield and outer mirrors for better rear vision.

Nocturnal driving is clearly safer with enlarged headlamps and integrated driving lamp, and large
crystal-style tail lamps.

With new wide track Independent Front Suspension (IFS) with rack and pinion steering or the redesigned
wider track Rigid Front Suspension (RFS), you are guaranteed a smoother ride with more stability and
control at any speed. Also you can rest assured that you're travelling in one of the safest 4WDs on the

Spacious Luxury - Fit for a King

The new Landcruiser makes long or short trips a pleasure, whether you're on paved roads or uncharted
territory. First class luxury ensures that travellers don't feel weary on their journey.

Stretch out in King Size luxury with more shoulder room and more legroom than ever before. The 8 seats
in the new Landcruiser (Standard model seats 6), offer luxurious comfort together with an elegant two-tone
interior trim. Seating configurations have been ergonomically designed to increase versatility and
flexibility. They can be adapted to meet your needs with a 60/40 split in the second row seats and third row
50/50 split folding and removable seats (GXV, GXL and RV models). Leg room has significantly increased
with an extra 30 mm in the front row and 70 mm in the second row. A horizontally split lift-up/drop-down
tailgate on the GXV, GXL and RV models and the split barn-type rear doors on the Standard model, make
cargo more accessible. Longer side doors make passenger entry and exit easier even for the tallest of

Power windows, with a driver's one-touch auto down, can be operated up to 45 seconds after the ignition is
turned off. The driver is personally catered for with a tilt adjustable steering column.

There's no shortage of storage space either. Up to ten cup holders are provided throughout the vehicle
(Standard model has three). With Toyota Passenger-car like low Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH)
and quiet performance, the tranquility of the Australian outback is fully appreciated in the new
Landcruiser. Effective use of asphalt sheeting and foam material in various areas of the new body and the
flush-surfacing of the windows also help to dampen any noise. But if you grow tired of the chirping birds
and rustling trees, you can always create your own sound on the AM/FM radio cassette stereo and CD
player (standard on GXV and GXL models, optional on RV model). Auto air-conditioning (standard on
GXV model) will regulate the temperature automatically helping you remain cool and composed in the most
demanding conditions.

The Models

Toyota Landcruiser Standard

The attractively priced Standard model Landcruiser is packed with features such as a 6 seat capacity, part
time 4WD, the choice of 6 cylinder 4.5 litre petrol or 4.2 litre diesel engines, with 5 speed manual
transmission, manual free wheeling hubs, front and rear ventilated disc brakes, tilt adjustable steering
column, black radiator grille and exterior mirrors, 60/40 vertical split tailgate with 2 wipers, textured vinyl
seat trim, vinyl floor trim including cargo area, 3 cup holders, driver's bucket seat with 2 seater front
passenger bench seat, engine immobiliser, rear limited slip differential and AM/FM radio cassette stereo.


Toyota Landcruiser RV

Discover the many features of the Landcruiser RV including 8 seats and the choice of 6 cylinder 4.5 litre
petrol or 4.2 litre diesel engines, with either manual or automatic transmission, constant 4WD, 4 wheel
ventilated disc brakes, engine immobiliser, central locking, rear limited slip differential, optional ABS
(Anti-Skid Brakes) and dual airbag SRS, stylish steel rims, woven cloth trim, power operated mirrors, 10
cup holders, head lamp auto-off and electronic tune AM/FM radio cassette stereo with 4 speakers.


Toyota Landcruiser GXL

Landcruiser GXL seats 8 and comes with wide steel wheels and tyres, the choice of 6 cylinder 4.5 litre
petrol or 4.2 litre diesel engines, with either manual or automatic transmission, constant 4WD, dual airbag
SRS, ABS (Anti-Skid Brakes), woven cloth seat trim, power operated windows (with time delay) and
mirrors, 10 cup holders, remote central locking, door courtesy safety reflectors, engine immobiliser, rear
limited slip differential and electronic AM/FM radio cassette stereo with 4 speakers and single CD player.


Toyota Landcruiser GXV

The Landcruiser GXV comes standard with a powerful 4.7 litre, V8 quad cam EFI engine, independent
front suspension, constant 4WD, rack and pinion power steering, ABS (Anti-Skid Brakes), dual airbag
SRS, alloy wheels, 8 seats, luxurious moquette velour seat trim, 4 way driver's seat adjustment, automatic
air conditioning, outside temperature display, engine immobiliser, power mirrors, power windows with
driver's one touch down (with time delay) 10 cup holders, remote central locking, courtesy safety lamps,
body coloured door handles, painted bumpers and electronic AM/FM radio cassette stereo with 4
speakers, single in-dash CD and 6 disc CD multi-changer under the front seat.
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