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Last Update:  December 12, 2006
After a successful first Holiday Express last year, the 700 and 4449 return to the Oregon Pacific for the 2nd annual Oregon Rail
Heritage Foundation Holiday Express.

After the derailment of 2005 early in last year's event, it was feared that the Holiday Express would end before it ever really got
started.  Instead, the dedication and teamwork of all those involved turn what could have been a disaster into the Holiday
Express's finest hour.   It's because of that dedication that the decorated steam engines have returned for another two
weekends this year.  And it's hoped this event will continue to become tradition of the ORHF.

The Holiday Express is a
Oregon Rail Heritage Foundation event.  It's primary mission is to secure a permanent home for the
City of Portland ’s steam locomotives, preserve the Brooklyn Roundhouse and establish a Rail and Industrial Heritage Museum.

The event took place on the weekend of December 8, 9 and 10th as well as December 15, 16 and 17th.   The SP&S 700
provided motive power for the first weekend, while the SP 4449 will power the train for the second weekend.

The passenger car consist were the following cars:  Lounge Sleeper "Mt Hood" (PNWC) Empire Builder paint, Lounge "Plum
Creek" (4449) Empire Builder paint, Sleeper "Clackamas River" (4449) Daylight paint, Baggage "Gordon Zimmerman" (4449)
Daylight paint, Coach "6800" (PNWC) Daylight paint and the Round End Obs "2955" Daylight paint owned by Ed Immel's
Northwest Rail Museum.

The entire train was steam heated, just like the passenger trains of a bygone era and worked wonderfully.   That historical
feature took many hours to restore to working order.  They were also 32 volt powered and decorated with beautiful Christmas
lights.   The SP&S 700 was also decorated with its own light show, powered off of separate generators as will be the SP 4449
next weekend.

Per Dave Brown, Chairman, Holiday Express II, the following groups and organizations participated and contributed to
the 2006 Holiday Express.  (in no particular order)

Oregon Railroad Heritage Foundation

Oregon Pacific Railroad

Friends of the 4449 (Southern pacific 4449)

Pacific Railroad Preservation Association (Spokane Portland & Seattle 700)

The Pacific Northwest Chapter (PNWC) of the NRHS provided cars, carmen, and trained car hosts.

NRM provided logistics on getting cars, loaned a car, and advertising.

Portland Parks Dept has been supportive in areas of need.

The Portland & Western and
Port of Tillamook Bay railroads have also helped out in many ways.

In addition to many other individuals and groups.

Visit the official ORHF Holiday Express 2006 website
Map of the area and specific locations.   The green line shows the primary route of the Holiday Express, which operated on the Oregon Pacific's
East Portland Division tracks.   The Holiday Express departed Oaks Park Station heading south towards Sellwood, then reversed northbound, past
the station, all the way to just past the Ross Island bridge, then returned southbound to Oaks Park Station.

The steam engines took water at Sellwood, south of Oaks Park.  The speeders, which ran each time after the Holiday Express departed, generally
ran south to near the Oregon Pacific's Milwaulkie Shops, then returned before the Holiday Express returned.   Occasionally, such as when the
steam engine was taking on water, the speeders would north all the way into the Oregon Pacifc's East Portland Yard and return.
Brooklyn Yard to the OPR on the day before, Thursday December 7, 2006

These shots were taken of the 2005 Holiday Express featuring the 4449 & 700.
December 2005 - Courtesy of
Phil Gilston (2 left) and Kyle Weismann-Yee (right)

More photos from 2005 on my
Holiday Express 2005 Page.
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Movie shows shots of the Dec. 9th run, the Derail and later rerail event, Dec. 17 runs, including riding the train and night shots.
167 Mb - 47 minutes long.
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Part one
SP&S 700
Preview Pictures from the 2006 Holiday Express
Preview Pictures from the 2006 Holiday Express
The 700 steamed up at the Brooklyn yard, hooked up the consist and prepared to travel in reverse the short distance to the Oregon Pacific Yard.  
Once at the OPR, the Oregon Pacific No. 100 would assist in arranging the consist for the Holiday Express that weekend.
Brian McCamish photos - Dec, 2006
Perhaps the most famous diesel engine in the Northwest is the Oregon Pacific's No. 100.  More commonly known as the Portland Traction
Company No. 100.   Dick Samuels of the Oregon Pacific fired it up at East Portland and assisted with setting out the cars for the Holiday Express.
Brian McCamish photos - Dec, 2006
(2 left photos) The 700 inbound from the Brooklyn Yard on the Union Pacific at the OPR East Portland Junction.  (Next two photos) The OPR's No.
100 setting out cars.   (right photo) the headlight of the 700 at the north end of the  East Portland Yard.
Brian McCamish photos - Dec, 2006
These final photos at East Portland, show the 700 and OPR No. 100 switching Holiday Express cars before heading to Oaks Park Station
Brian McCamish photos - Dec, 2006
The 700 at Oaks Park on the day before the event.  The Christmas lights on the train were not yet turned on.
Brian McCamish photos - Dec, 2006
These last pictures of the day prior to the event show the beautiful decorations and lights on and inside the OPR's No. 900 caboose and the special
stairs on rails that were designed to make loading and off loading easy and safe.
Brian McCamish photos - Dec, 2006
The Holiday Express went as far north as the Ross Island Bridge.  From the vantage point of the bridge, one could just get a decent view of
the locomotive.   
Brian McCamish photos - Dec, 2006
Interiors of some of the cars on the long Holiday Express consist.
Brian McCamish photos - Dec, 2006
Santa and his  helpers were on board for the many children that came with their families to enjoy the rare night ride and lights.
Brian McCamish photos - Dec, 2006
The lights on the train were flat out amazing.   The pictures just don't do it justice at all.   The entire train from the 700 to the end car was lit.  And the
700 was especially decorated.
Brian McCamish photos - Dec, 2006
Final Thoughts
Another photo attempt from the Ross Island bridge.
Brian McCamish photos - Dec, 2006
The challenges of filming the rain.  Fortunately, the rain was few and far during the first weekend of the event.   But even when it did show, most
people didn't seem to mind.  They still flocked to the see the locomotive and train in droves.
Brian McCamish photos - Dec, 2006
These final views of the 700 show her departing on yet another run.   Approximately 25 round trips were made by the 700 on the Oregon Pacific that
Brian McCamish photos - Dec, 2006
The Holiday Express 2006 - December 8, 9 & 10.
This was only the first weekend of a two weekend event.   The 4449 will be featured on the weekend of December 15, 16 & 17.

The event went extremely well.  Rides were nearly sold out for the entire weekend.   The volunteers were friendly as usual and
did a superb job.  The weather cooperated for the most part and it was all around a great event and I was extremely happy to
be able to attend.  I have something like 4 hours of video to go through, so at some point in the near future, expect a video on
the website.   I will also be attending at least one or more days the second part of this year's Holiday Express and will add a
separate article, photos and video of that part of the event featuring the 4449.

Special thanks to the event organizers, the ORHF, Oregon Pacific Railroad, Dick and Kelly, the PRPA and all the volunteers
that work so hard to put this event on.

Stay tuned for Holiday Express 2006, Part 2 - the SP 4449
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Happy Holidays!