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Welcome to my Expedition 2008 Lexus GX 470 Homepage

This is the home page of our new Lexus GX470.   From this page, you will be able to see the build up of this vehicle into a
capable expedition 4x4, worthy of replacing our
original  Expedition Toyota Pick-up 4x4. and later our Expedition Land Cruiser
.   In addition, this page will include technical information on the Lexus GX470 in general as I plan to include as much
detailed information as possible regarding my
Lexus as I take on this project.   I hope you enjoy this page and find the
information contained here interesting and helpful.

Brian McCamish
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History of our vehicle purchase & why we chose the Lexus GX470
An article about how we purchased this Lexus and why we chose this type of vehicle.
Last Update: under construction
Basic Specifications of our 2008 Lexus GX470
Country of Manufacture:  Japan   Manufacture date: May, 2008
Original purchase price (2008):  $48,000
Engine:  2UZFE  4.7 liter V-8  VVTi 263 h.p. & 323 ft/lbs torque
Transmission:  A750F - 5 speed automatic
Transfer case:  VF4BM 2 speed full time, with electric locking diff and torque sensing transfer low 2.57 to 1
Front Brakes:  Ventilated 13.3" disc with dual piston and ABS
Rear Brakes:  Ventilated 12.2" disc is single piston and ABS
Front Axle and Suspension:  IFS front  with 8" four pinion differential, 3.73 gears, no locker
Front Springs: Stock coil strut combination
Rear and Axle and Suspension: Solid rear axle with 8" four pinion differential, 3.73 gears, no locker
Rear Springs: Stock air bags
Tires: Stock 265/65R-17
Wheel base:   109.8"    Length:  188.2"    Width:  74"    Height:   73 (stock)
Curb Weight:  4675 lbs       Offical Maximum Vehicle Weight:  6100 lbs
Actual Fully Loaded Vehicle Weight (current configuration):   to be determined
Fuel Capacity:  23 gallons
Body color:  Desert Sage Metallic  Interior color/type:  Ivory
Performance (stock):  0-60 = 7.98 sec   60-0 braking:  131 feet
The Exterior & Suspension
The page covers the outside modifications, including bumpers, winches,
suspension, tires and other exterior modifications.
Last Update: under construction
The Interior
The page covers the modifcations related to the interior of the cab
Last Update: under construction
The Engine, Electrical & Drivetrain & Axles
The page covers the modifcations and maintainence related to the Engine,
transmission, transfer case and axles.   Includes our duel battery system and also
other information
Last Update under construction
Our Lexus GX470 Expedition Overland Build
Photos of the Lexus GX470 in Action
Photos of our Lexus out and about.  Some wheeling pictures, some action photos
and other photos of it driving and parked in interesting locations.
Last Update under construction
Gear & Spares
The page covers our gear and spares and what we normally carry for our daily
driving and for trips.
Last Update: Under Construction
Photos are of the my old Land Cruiser FZJ80 as
place markers until we can finish our new pages.
My old Land Cruiser FZJ80 in which the Lexus GX470 will soon replace and be just a built for expedition and overlanding travel or better.
Note:  This is not my Lexus GX470 but it is the same color and it is nearly the build I'm shooting for so you
get the idea, until I'm able to post pictures of my own.  Photo from