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Links to our Articles about Individual Abandoned Coast Range Logging Railroads
Kerry Timber Railroad
(Columbia & Nehalem River Railroad)
Major Feature Article  --  8 pages
Last Update:  6-5-08
Bradley-Woodard Co.
(& the Oregon Timber & Lumber Co.)
Major Feature Article  --  3 pages
Last Update:  11-17-06
Carlton & Coast Railroad
(& the Flora Logging Co.)
Major Feature Article  --  3 pages
Last Update:  11-21-06
Portland & Southwestern Railroad
(& the Clark & Wilson Lumber Co.)
Last Update:  6-30-06
Gales Creek & Wilson River Railroad
(& the Consolidated Timber Co.)
Last Update:  5-6-06
United Railways
(& the Oregon-American Lumber Co.)
Last Update:  1-2-06
The Douty Lumber Company
(Railroad spur & sawmill)
Logging railroad off of the Southern Pacific Tillamook Branch.
Last Update:  5-4-07
Westport Logging Railroad Tunnel
Last Update:  2-19-06
Last Update:  June 5, 2008

The Oregon Coast Range is a range of mountains located in the far western half of Oregon, separating the Oregon Coast from the Willamette Valley and
ranging from the southern Oregon border to the north Oregon border.   

The focus of this page and our research will be the North Oregon Coast Range.  An area of the Coast Range from near Eugene, Oregon to the south,
stretching to the Columbia River in the north.   Steam Railroad Logging in this region of the state began as early as the late 1800s and lasted until the late
1950s.    As a result, the region is lined with hundreds upon hundreds of miles of abandoned logging railroad grades.    Many of these grades were later
converted into logging roads, driven on my thousands of hunters and recreationalists and modern day loggers with no idea of the road's prior history.

Yet, many miles of logging railroad grades were abandoned and remained untouched since the day the rails were lifted and the loggers left.  It is these
grades that we seek out to explore.   For they offer the best insight into the challenges of those old railroaders and loggers and sometimes even offer a
glimpse into history in the form of abandoned trestles, rails, spikes...and on occasion...the remains of a steam donkey or locomotive or railroad car.

The below articles will show the grades that we've explored to date and what we've been able to find, sometimes as long as 100 years after the line was
abandoned.    Of the many dozens of logging companies that logged this region over some 70 years, information and history is sometimes hard to obtain,
but we will do the best we can.  Some of our articles and history will be more extensive with major players like the Kerry Timber Company, than smaller
operations..some of which are as of yet unknown to us.

If you can share information or insight or have historical photos related to any of these articles that you'd like share, please
email me. Full credit gladly will
be given and historic photos are more than appreciated.  Special thanks to
Martin E Hansen and Marc Reusser and others for their generous allowing of
the use of many historical photos of this region of the state.  Also special thanks to
Matt Wolford, who has accompanied me on most of these explorations
and offered much expertise from his many years of exploring abandoned railroads and especially abandoned logging railroads.   Be sure to visit his
website with many photos of abandoned railroads at

Brian McCamish
Gresham, Oregon
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