Detailed Specifications
2UZ-FE V-8 Petrol
This is the current generation 4.7 liter V-8 petrol motor found in the Lancruiser 100
series.   This motor is offered in the U.S. in several models, including the Tundra
pick-up and Landcruiser.
Engine Code/Name 2UZ-FE

Engine capacity (cc) 4664

Engine type Petrol

Engine description V8/DOHC/4v

Maximum Power 170kW @ 4800rpm

Maximum Torque 410Nm @ 3400rpm

Number of cylinders V8

Configuration V-formation

Valvetrain DOHC

- Valves per cylinder 4v

Fuel system EFI

- Fuel type 91 RON ULP

Bore x Stroke 94.0x84.0mm

Compression Ratio 9.6:1

Battery output 12V/60Ah

Alternator output 120W

Ignition system Distributorless
From Toyota Australia's website:
The big 4.7 litre, Quad Cam 32-valve DOHC V8 petrol
engine punches out an impressive 170kW of power @
4800rpm and maximum torque of 410Nm @ 3400rpm. It has
been developed to realise high performance, quieter operation
and improved fuel economy. The 2UZ-FE features Electronic
Throttle Control System - intelligent (ETCS-I) to ensure
excellent controllability of the vehicle to improve its comfort.

The big V8 engine is also fitted with a newly designed starter
control system. This detects when the ignition switch is turned
to START and ensures electric current to the starter until the
engine is firing correctly. This system helps prevent starter
overrun or re-engagement, enhancing the engine's reliability.

The V8 petrol engine also has adopted the Toyota Direct
Ignition (TDI) system, which improves the precision and
reliability of ignition timing for better combustion, more pulling
power, economy and lower emissions