Detailed Specifications
1HZ Diesel
This is the current generation inline 6 cylinder diesel motor found in the Lancruiser 78
and 100 series.  This motor has been offered since XXXX and was first offered in the
Landcruiser 70 series.  This motor was never offered in the U.S.
From Toyota South Africa's website:
Engine Code/Name 1HZ

Engine capacity (cc) 4164

Engine type Diesel

Engine description 6cyl/SOHC/2v

Maximum Power 96kW @ 3800rpm

Maxi Torque 285Nm @ 2200rpm

Number of cylinders 6cyl

Configuration In-line

Valvetrain SOHC

Valves per cylinder 2v

Fuel system Indirect inject.

Fuel type Diesel

Bore x Stroke 94.0x100.0mm

Compression Ratio 22.4:1

Battery output 12V/65Ah

Alternator output 110A

Ignition system Compression
The 6 cylinders deliver maximum power of
96kW@3800rpm and maximum torque of
The large cooling fan improves cooling
performance because its three stages of viscous
coupling means the fan spins only when it has to.

The short differential ratio provides good
acceleration and performance, while the turn over
clutch spring pedal gives low pedal effort and
excellent drivability.

The large capacity alternator (110 amps) provides
high output.

To give you a more comfortable ride, secure
handling and straight line stability, the 78 features
coil springs on the front, long leaf rear suspension,
a long wheelbase, wide track, a new relay rod
and lateral control bush.

The addition of the brilliant gearbox from the
LandCruiser 100 gives smooth shifts which,
coupled with the clutch pedal's turnover spring,
helps reduce driver fatigue. And, because it's
often a huge distance between drinks, dual fuel
tanks with a combined 180 litre capacity are
standard on all models.

An air cleaner warning light even warns you when
the cleaner needs servicing.

The Standard 4x4 Cab Chassis model has 5
speed manual transmission.